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Welcome to the Oregon Chapter of the International Dark-Sky Association

The calendar shows dates of peak bird migration in Oregon, meteor showers, Globe at Night dates, solstice and equinox dates and phases of the moon.


The calendar is on sale now for a donation of $20 each, includes mailing. Order yours today! Calendars will be mailed after the middle of November.

It’s a great Holiday gift idea! Your donation supports the ongoing mission of IDA Oregon to preserve Oregon's magnificent dark skies.

2021 Oregon Dark Skies Calendar   We are excited to announce that our inaugural 2021 Oregon Dark Skies calendar is now available. It presents our stunning Oregon landscapes under equally amazing night skies. The monthly images were selected from among dozens submitted for consideration. The calendar is printed on heavy paper stock, 8.5 x 11 and spiral bound.

 Sorry, our Calendar is sold out! 

 You may still find a copy at these locations:

 In Portland at Broadway Books or The Audubon Nature Store

 In Bend at Roundabout Books,  Dudley's Bookshop Cafe, the Hopservatory  or The         High Desert Museum

 In Sisters at Paulina Springs Books

 In Sunriver at the Sunriver Nature Center and Observatory

MilkyWay over Deschutes at Sunriver

Every day needs a night. For over 4 billion years the Earth has made a full revolution within 24 hours. Life on Earth evolved under this night-day rhythm. This rhythm is encoded in the DNA of living things. Artificial light at night (ALAN), a fairly recent phenomenon, is a menace within the natural world. Scientific studies have found ALAN to be harmful to many plants and animals, including man, and it robs us of the night sky heritage we’ve had for about 300,000 years since we evolved into homo sapiens. Art, religion, and literature have been inspired by a starry sky. Through astronomy, the gateway science, we have learned that we are made of stardust. Our connection to a star-filled sky is as deeply rooted into our humanity as it is in our DNA.

What is lost if dark skies no longer exist? IDA Oregon welcomes you to this website so that you may find your own answer to that existential question. By working together to solve light pollution, we can ensure that a natural night sky is available for all future generations.

IDA Oregon, established 2019

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Mt. Bachelor courtesy of J Bartlett