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"A dark night sky, unpolluted by artificial light and thousands of artificial satellites, serves as a visceral reminder that we are part of something unfathomably large, that our petty differences on this tiny speck of a planet are ultimately insignificant. In the face of the universe, human arrogance is absurd.” – Kelsey Johnson, Astrophysicist



Welcome to the Oregon Chapter of the International Dark-Sky Association! We are comprised of members of IDA that live in Oregon. We include volunteers that support the mission of IDA through local, regional, and state-wide outreach and advocacy and through special projects. We are the boots on the ground; we are your helpful neighbors. Truly, anyone who finds inherent merit in a dark sky is a stakeholder.


If you are interested in preserving Oregon's rich heritage of dark skies, or learning more about light pollution and its broad impacts, or how you can help diminish light pollution at an individual or community-level, you have come to the right place.  The Oregon Chapter was initially started in February 2019 and officially launched in August 2019.  We have an active and passionate board to serve chapter members. The Chapter needs your help and insights into what needs to be done in your local community.


We encourage you to explore this website and reach out to us with your questions, concerns and ideas.


Our mission is to preserve Oregon's magnificent dark skies and to diminish light pollution for the health, safety, and well-being of all life.

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