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"Just look up, we are all under the same starry sky." - unknown

All Sky Cameras - An Educational Tool

  • All sky cameras point upward and use a fisheye lens to capture a picture of the sky - night or day

  • A graphical overlay names the stars, planets and constellations in the current view overhead

  • The graphical overlay shows where the stars and constellations would be seen if there was no light pollution

  • In areas with light pollution, any clouds reflect that pollution downward, increasing the impact of the escaping light

  • In areas with natural, pristine skies, any clouds appear dark and hide the stars, reducing the light coming downward

  • Automated all sky cameras run 24 hours a day and provide summary movies and images online each morning

  • All sky cameras are entertaining and help us to recognize the presence of light pollution in our local skies

  • All sky cameras are an educational tool - on light pollution, on astronomy and meteorology too!

Check out this Vertical-View All Sky Camera in Bend, OR

Here's a North-View All Sky Camera from the same location

The clickable icons on the all sky camera displays show:

If you are interested, here are detailed notes on how to build your own All Sky Camera

Total cost is about $550

These notes follow the design and use the all sky software from Thomas Jacquin

If you build an all sky camera in Oregon and want to share it, please contact us


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