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Oregon Program

PROGRAM: Established by IDA and the Oregon Chapter of the International Dark-Sky Association to recognize residents, businesses, and organizations in Oregon that employ responsible lighting on their property – lighting that is human, wildlife, and night sky-friendly.


GOAL: This program encourages responsible lighting to conserve energy, enhance safety and security, safe-guard human health, protect wildlife, and preserve the cultural heritage of Oregon's star-filled night-time sky.

CERTIFICATION:  Participation is entirely voluntary and on the honor system. Any resident, business, and organization in Oregon may participate. If your outdoor lighting is already up to the mark, then you immediately qualify as a Good Light Neighbor. Otherwise, make changes to significantly reduce or eliminate these lighting issues from your property:

  Uplight- -upward directed / unshielded lights that contribute to skyglow


  Glare--excessive brightness from overly bright and/or unshielded lights is unsafe  for drivers, pedestrians and neighbors


  Light Trespass--light shining onto other properties – if your light bulb can be seen from off your property, redirect or change the shielding


  Blue-rich White Light – use warm light bulbs instead, preferably at 2700K or less; blue light at night adversely affects people and wildlife

WHAT TO DO: -- Use the information and application on the International Dark-Sky Association's "Home Lighting Assessment" page.


At the end, after making any lighting changes, you can download an Oregon-based Good Light Neighbor Certificate of Merit from the IDA website. 


if you would like to use the Oregon Good Light Neighbor logo in your advertising and social media and/or if you would like to be listed on our website as a

Good Light Neighbor, please contact us at

OPTIONAL: Please submit photographs that illustrate the type of fixtures used (daytime photos) and how they look at night (night time photos). We’ll post them on our website as examples of Good Light Neighbor lighting for others. Send any pictures to

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