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                         GOOD  LIGHT  NEIGHBOR PROGRAM

PROGRAM: Established by the Oregon Chapter of the International Dark-Sky Association, this program recognizes businesses, organizations and residents in Oregon that demonstrate the use of responsible lighting on their property that is friendly to humans, wildlife, and the night sky. 


GOAL: This program encourages the practice of responsible lighting to conserve energy, enhance safety and security, safe-guard human health, protect wildlife and preserve the cultural heritage of Oregon's star-filled night-time sky. 


PARTICIPATION: Participation is entirely voluntary. Any business, organization or resident in Oregon is eligible and may request to participate.


CRITERIA: Any business, organization or resident may qualify for recognition as a "Good Light Neighbor" by significantly reducing or eliminating all sources on their property of:


Uplight--upward directed / unshielded lights that contribute to skyglow

Glare--excessive brightness produced by overly bright and/or unshielded lights harmful to drivers and pedestrians

Light Trespass--light shining onto other properties, irritating neighbors and adversely affecting the health and well-being of humans and wildlife 

Blue-rich white light-- light with cool (white to blue) spectral temperatures (which is unnatural at night). Choose warm, "life-compatible" bulbs at 2,700 kelvin or less.

To determine if your lighting qualifies, please evaluate your lights and lighting practices. Answering yes to these questions qualifies you as a Good Light Neighbor.

*  Are all the lights on your property necessary for way-finding, conducting night-time work (if applicable), and/or other specified tasks?


 Are the lights on your property directed downward to the ground and only in those locations needed? Are bright interior lights prevented from trespassing outside your property?

*  Are the lights on your property “life-compatible” – that is, are they in the warm light spectrum of 2,700 kelvin or less so people and living systems are not adversely disturbed?

*  Are the lights on your property at the lowest light intensity required for the purported task?

*  Are all the lights on your property used only when needed? Do you turn them off when not needed? Are lights on a motion sensor? Are lights on a timer?

Awardee Benefits:  

  • Name listed on IDA Oregon's website,

  • Opportunity to use the Good Light Neighbor logo in business advertising,

  • Receipt of Certificate of Merit,

  • Receipt of a window decal (*) of Good Light Neighbor regional logo 


If you are interested in participating in the Good Light Neighbor program, download and complete the pdf application below:






Please submit at least three photographs with your application that illustrate the types of fixtures used (daytime photo(s)) and how well they perform at night (night-time photo(s)). These photographs will provide an example to others of Good Light Neighbor lighting.

Please email your application and photos to: 

Or, mail your application and photos to: IDA Oregon Chapter

                                                                        Good Light Neighbor Program

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* If you would like a Good Light Neighbor static cling window decal program logo for your region for display purposes, we ask a donation of $5 to offset the expense of printing and shipping. Please go to our website DONATE page here and enter the tagline "decal":


LEGAL DISCLOSURE: The Good Light Neighbor regional logos are copyright-protected. They may be used "as is" in an awardee's marketing materials, but they may not be altered in color, composition, or in any way without being considered an infringement on that copyright.