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Measuring the Sky's Darkness 

The Oregon Chapter of IDA has established a network of continuously-recording Sky Quality Meters (SQMs) in Central Oregon identified as the Central Oregon Sky Glow Measurement Network. Skyglow refers to the type of light pollution seen as the brightening of the night sky over inhabited areas. Sky glow occurs from unshielded lights and from light reflected from surfaces (see below illustration). SQMs measure the brightness of the night sky and provide a measure of both light pollution and natural light at night. 

 Links to the Technical Reports on the Central Oregon Skyglow Measurement Network 

                                      Most Recent Technical Report #2 - June 23, 2020

      Addendum to Technical Report #2 (Rimrock Ranch ) - June 24, 2020

                                                          First Technical Report  - Sept 5, 2019

Presentation to the IDA Annual General Meeting, 2019 in Tucson:

Measuring Skyglow in Central Oregon by SQM, Photographic and Satellite Methods - Nov 8, 2019

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