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"I know nothing with any certainty but the sight of the stars makes me dream."

-Vincent Van Gogh

Bortle Class Map of Oregon

Oregon Dark-Sky Locations

As shown in the Bortle Map above, a large portion of Oregon still has areas of dark skies. (Greens, blues, grays, and black are Milky Way skies). Even within 45 minutes of downtown Portland you can still see the Milky Way. However, with the amount of light pollution growing each year, that won't be the case for long unless we change our lighting habits. Isn't it time we quit the bright light addiction and start looking up again?

There are several great apps and links for finding dark-sky locations, including:

Here's a couple links from reliable sources to help you find great star gazing spots in Oregon:

Oregon Live/The Oregonian

Travel Oregon

Currently, there are no officially recognized International Dark-sky Places (IDSPs) in Oregon. IDA Oregon has  launched a campaign in partnership with Rose City Astronomers and Portland Audubon to nominate Oregon's FIRST IDSP. We are actively working with a number of places for the prized distinction. There's much information to gather to complete an application to IDA.


If you are interested in nominating or helping with the application process for a dark-sky place in Oregon, please contact us. These nominations are truly a grass roots effort. It's important to engage the local community and to have several local champions. Once there is an official designation in Oregon, we promise we will let you know.