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"Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about things that matter" - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Oregon Outdoor Lighting Rules and Policies

Oregon has a State law on outdoor lighting which applies to Public Buildings: Oregon State law (ORS 455.573) 

There is no State-wide law for residential or commercial buildings.  Ordinances on outdoor lighting of residential and commercial buildings in Oregon are on a local city and county basis.

Here is a list of current ordinances throughout the state. If your community isn't listed and you find that information, please let us know through our CONTACT page.



Deschutes County

* Deschutes Co standards (1994)

* Deschutes Co online complaint form for lighting infractions

* Deschutes Co recreation/grow/greenhouse lighting (2016)

Eugene (2001)


* City of Bend Outdoor Lighting Standards 3.5.200 (2004)

Bend Code Enforcement Complaint Form  (your name will not be disclosed)

* One approach for talking to your neighbors

* Another approach for talking to your neighbors


Medford:  Go to Article 10.764 "Glare"

Salem: Go to Section 800.060 - Exterior Lighting

Port Orford


Sandy Go to Chapter 15.30 DARK SKY ORDINANCE

Sisters  (1997)

* Development code 2.15.2400 (July 2019)

Online complaint form for lighting infractions

Cannon Beach


Local Code Creation

If you are not happy with the current lighting codes or ordinances; here's a great guide in developing a code for your community. The Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition has excellent recommendations HERE. Keep in mind, each municipality is unique and should consider what codes are appropriate. Look at what other communities have done, and find out how those ordinances have played out in that community. You will want an ordinance that will truly reduce light pollution.

Here are some very useful documents that can help in the creation and/or updating in the lighting codes and ordinances:

* City of Portland, Draft Recommendations to Reduce Light Pollution (July 2020)

* USA Pattern Outdoor Lighting Code v2.0

*  Model Lighting Ordinance (MLO) 

* International Dark Sky Community Lighting Examples*

* Flagstaff Pattern Outdoor Lighting Code

* Pennsylvania Outdoor Lighting Council

* Status of Lighting Regulations in States across the USA

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